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Bug#102199: Next stage in usr/doc -> usr/share/doc transition

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Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> wrote:
>I think the most efficient way of handling usr/doc for woody will be to
>have everything reference /usr/share/doc, and require all packages to
>put their files in /usr/share/doc, and to make symlinks in /usr/doc. The
>latter is mainly for partial upgrades.
>To achieve this, we only need two changes: one, programs that access docs
>need to do so via /usr/share/doc, and two, we need to upgrade any existing
>bugs about usr/doc to serious (note that current policy already lists this as
>a "must", so this is a change in spirit not letter).

I would prefer to see only bugs about placement upgraded to serious;
what some man page or other refers to hardly seems RC to me. (Or maybe
that's what you meant.)

>The packages this affects are (roughly):

http://qa.debian.org/fhs.html has counts of what the current Contents
files say on each arch, with the full list for i386.

>--- policy.sgml.orig    Fri Jun  1 19:40:16 2001
>+++ policy.sgml Mon Jun 25 20:29:29 2001
>@@ -6481,14 +6481,7 @@
>              <p>
>                HTML documents for a package are stored in
>-                <tt>/usr/share/doc/<var>package</var></tt> but should
>-                be accessed via symlinks as
>-                <tt>/usr/doc/<var>package</var></tt><footnote>
>-                 <p>
>-                   for backward compatibility; see <ref
>-                     id="usrdoc">
>-                 </p>
>-               </footnote>
>+                <tt>/usr/share/doc/<var>package</var></tt> 
>                and can be referred to as
>                <example compact="compact">
> http://localhost/doc/<var>package</var>/<var>filename</var>
>@@ -7747,7 +7740,7 @@
>          </example>
>          To view the copyright file for a package you could use this command:
>          <example>
>-  dpkg --fsys-tarfile <var>filename</var>.deb | tar xof usr/doc/<var>\*</var>copyright | less
>+  dpkg --fsys-tarfile <var>filename</var>.deb | tar xof usr/share/doc/<var>\*</var>copyright | less
>          </example>
>        </p>
>       </sect>


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