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Bug#102204: [PROPOSAL] Downgrade emacs/tex to optional

Package: debian-policy

This is a repeat of bug 53849, basically. The patch is the same, with the
dates and line numbers changed:

--- policy.sgml Fri Jun  1 19:40:16 2001
+++ policy.sgml.emacstex        Mon Jun 25 20:58:25 2001
@@ -764,10 +764,7 @@
                These packages provide a reasonably small but not too
                limited character-mode system.  This is what will be
                installed by default if the user doesn't select anything
-               else.  It doesn't include many large applications, but
-               it does include Emacs (this is more of a piece of
-               infrastructure than an application) and a reasonable
-               subset of TeX and LaTeX.</p>
+               else.  It doesn't include many large applications.</p>

The justification is slightly different: as of 2.2r3 (or so), and certainly
with woody, tasksel automatically selects all of standard. This means there's
no convenient way of avoiding getting emacs or TeX installed if they're in

In addition, removing the exceptions for TeX and emacs makes the
definition seem a little more sane. Further, emacs and TeX depend on
xlibs which isn't in standard any more, which violates the "Packages
must not depend on packaes with lower priority values" rules.

A TeX task will be provided (and has been since potato) to make those
people happier. I'm not sure if an emacs task should be too.

I think the above rebuts most of the arguments I and others made against
this proposal when it was 53849.

Comments? Seconds?


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