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Bug#36151: Clearing out old policy proposals

On Mon, 25 June 2001 08:41:09 +1000, Herbert Xu wrote:
> > Please see the original proposal: the problem was precisely that there
> > were situations where these directories were not in the PATH and this
> > broke the scripts.
> Only because the user's system was misconfigured...

Let's go for /etc/init.d/sysklogd... the path to the daemon
is complete, the path to start-stop-daemon is not. Lets the
admin change start-stop-daemon, ok, but that argument is the
most funniest I have ever heard, but be it as it is, in a
cron job I have to explicitely set the PATH, ok, I hardly
forget that twice... but what the heck?

For principles sake some fellow developers would slaughter
their cat? Ease of administration (tell me one reason to
change start-stop-daemon *giggle*) vs. make the (init)
scripts just work and be responsible for themselves, so they
at least work in all circumstances, if only that.


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