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Bug#101870: Update multiple version handling policies

On Fri, Jun 22, 2001 at 01:32:56AM -0400, Warren Turkal wrote:

> Severity: normal

Policy proposals should be made with severity wishlist.

I read your entire rant, and I still have no idea what you were trying
to propose.  We already recommend using alternatives when possible,
and dpkg-divert only when absolutely necessary.  We're NOT going to
make the alternatives system mandatory -- we trust the judgement of
our maintainers.

If you have a problem with how the gcc packages are set up, I suggest
you file a wishlist bug against the gcc packages.  I don't think we're
going to change it -- I think it's the way it is for good reason.  But
I'll leave that up to the judgement of the gcc maintainers.

This applies to any sorts of packages where the alternatives system
isn't in use but could be.  You can file wishlist bugs.  If the
maintainers agree, then you get your wish, and otherwise, well, you've
got the source...  :-)

As an aside, I'll point out the handy environment variable CC, which
you can set to whatever your little heart might desire.  That should
more than solve your immediate complaint.

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