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Bug#101162: Oversite in file placement for web applications

Package: debian-policy

  Section 12.5 defines the location of cgi-bin executables, program
documentation and the document root, but doesn't provide any standardized
location where web applications may place files required to be available in
the document tree, but are not part of documentation.

  For example, webmagick is a package to create indices of graphics in a
directory, for viewing via a web browser.  The index files it creates
reference both icons, and a javascript file, if javascript was selected when
the index was made, and supported by the client browser.  Lacking a better
location for these files, webmagick uses the url of /doc/webmagick/icons,
but these files are not actually part of the documentation - these are part
of the application.

  Because many sites may not allow external clients to access /doc for
security reasons, files such as this, which are required for an application
to run, should be placed in a seperate location.

  While I've used webmagick as an example, it's not the only application
like this.  mrtg, for example, also relies on it's icons being inside the
documentation directory.  Potentially, these files should be placed in a
consistent location that is seperate from any documentation, and set aside
specifically as a location for support files which need to be available via

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