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Bug#36151: Bug #36151:

This note is being sent as part of a project to clean out old (> 1yr)
debian-policy proposals. If you disagree with action below please
respond to bug#@bugs.debian.org, not to me, so that the discussion may
be carried out publically in debian-policy. Feel free to re-open the
bug while it's being discussed -- I'm not trying to force any
particular disposition, just taking my best shot at resolving dead

Bug#36151: etc/init.d scripts should specify an explicit PATH

Summary: init.d scripts shouldn't depend on having PATH set in a
useful manner -- they should explicitly set the PATH. Not much
discussion in the bug logs, and most of the flame^H^H^H^H^Hdiscussion
took place on debian-devel. Result inconclusive. Last few notes
in BTS are that it should be part of the coding guidelines, not 

Discussion: No additional comments

Action: Retitle as "GUIDELINE" for future reminder.

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