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Bug#100346: PROPOSAL] Do not mandate existence of shared libraries

Richard Braakman <dark@xs4all.nl> wrote:

> The full description of it is in the logs of bug#35049.

It's a bug in libc6-dev which has since been fixed.  If you look at the
file libc_nonshared.a in slink, you'll find that the offending symbols
didn't have the .hidden flag while they do now.

> To get back to the policy proposal, I do think there are libraries
> that should not have shared versions.  Namely, ones that are not
> yet at a point of their development where it makes sense to have
> a stable binary interface.  If Debian were to release a shared
> version, that would mean picking a soname (and thus forcing upstream
> to live with that soname, which can be annoying if they had a different
> numbering scheme in mind), and it would mean changing the soname
> for every upstream release.  For some libraries that's just not
> worth it.

I would agree in principle.  However, if a library was in such a state
for an extended period of time, then I would start to question its status.

> I also present publib-dev as an example of a library which currently
> provides only a static version, but I will let its maintainer speak
> for himself :-)

I won't bitch as long as there is nothing on my system that uses it, or
at least as long as I don't know about it :)
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