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Bug#100472: PROPOSAL] allowing '-' between libraryname and soversion

Andreas Bombe <andreas.bombe@munich.netsurf.de> wrote:
> Package: debian-policy
> Version:
> Severity: wishlist

> $ egrep '^Package: lib.*-[[:digit:]]*$' unstable-Packages
> Package: lib3ds-1.0-0
> Package: libasis-3.13p-1
> Package: libgnat-3.13p-1
> Package: libgtrans-mysql-3-23
> Package: libgtrans-postgresql-6-5-3
> Package: libid3-3.7-13
> Package: libmath3d-0.3-0
> Package: libnewt-utf8-0
> Package: libole2-0
> Package: libraw1394-5

> The last three are what I am talking about specifically (libraw1394 is
> mine, btw), generally this also applies to the version-in-name problems
> seen above (don't ask me wtf libgtrans is up to).

Although the kernels aren't shared libraries, they are in the same boat
and hyphens have been used there since very early on, e.g., we have
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