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Bug#98291: being truthful about the FHS and us

Ok, here, as promised, is the final draft.

I've let this idle for a bit while I was doing other things, so here's
a quick recap for those who missed or forgot the original discussion.

Policy says you must follow the FHS, period, and then goes on to say
you must do things (the /usr/doc symlink, for example) which violate
the FHS.  This is a logical contradiction, and potentially confusing
(not to mention aesthetically unpleasing).

My original idea was to make FHS-compatibility (rather than strict
compliance) mandatory, but as aj and others pointed out, this leaves
too much scope for things we *don't* want to allow.

I also wanted to mention that packages may violate the FHS if they
*absolutely* need to for some reason, but aj pointed out that packages
may violate policy if they absolutely need to in any case.  (If
something in policy causes a package to break, that's a bug in

Thus we came up with the following, which aj has said he will
definitely second, and which I hope others who participated in the
discussion will second as well.  This is a fix to a minor but very
genuine problem in policy, and I hope we can get it accepted as soon
as possible.  Please send your seconds ASAP.  Thanks.

--- debian-policy.sgml~	Mon May 21 10:45:51 2001
+++ debian-policy.sgml	Thu Jun  7 11:59:58 2001
@@ -3983,8 +3983,9 @@
 	    The location of all installed files and directories must
-	    comply  with the Linux File system Hierarchy Standard
-	    (FHS).  The latest version of this document can be found
+	    comply  with the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS),
+	    except where doing so would violate other terms of Debian
+	    Policy. The latest version of this document can be found
 	    alongside this manual or on
 	    <url id="http://www.pathname.com/fhs/";>.
 	    Specific questions about following the standard may be

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