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Re: [russell@coker.com.au: Re: Adding device file to /dev.]


> Should MAKDEV be able to create new symlinks (that is, modify
> /etc/devfs/symlinks), and by doing so, still be able to notify the user?

(NB: I'm neither the makedev nor the devfsd maintainer, though
I've done quite some fiddling with the latter and would be
willing to help with it.)

No. The whole symlinks stuff is not the way devfsd was intended
to work, and I'd really like to replace it with real devfsd
config snipplets.

Packages which need symlinks, sockets or whatever should put a
file in /etc/devfs/conf.d/ which will be included into
devfsd.conf and has the same syntax. Example (essentially copied
from devfsd(8):

LOOKUP      ^cdrom$      CFUNCTION      GLOBAL     symlink cdroms/cdrom0 $devpath

The above line causes devfsd to create a symlink cdrom ->
cdroms/cdrom0 if something tries to access cdrom in any way.

This requires devfsd, but since the former symlink stuff was
done by the devfsd package anyway, there is no point in not
using devfsd for this.

It would be really nice if MAKEDEV could create those files for
packages which need to create something in /dev I think, this
would provide a great deal of uniformity between systems which
use devfs and such which don't from the POV of most packages.

ciao, 2ri
All constants are variables.

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