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Re: [russell@coker.com.au: Re: Adding device file to /dev.]


Brian May schrieb:
> >>>>> "Arthur" == Arthur Korn <arthur@korn.ch> writes:
>     Arthur> MAKEDEV does check for /dev/.devfsd, so as long as people
>     Arthur> use MAKEDEV they don't have to bother.
> but packages still will print messages when creating devices. Packages
> should either:
> a) not print any messages when creating devices or
> b) only print messages if ! devfs.

c) change MAKEDEV to print the messages if any devices have to
be created, and remove that message-printing stuff from

> Otherwise, seeing messages that devices are being created on a devfs
> system can only cause confusion.

We should definitely avoid such "it prints this, but actually
it does that" stuff.

ciao, 2ri
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