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Bug#94995: marked as done ([ACCEPTED 16/05/2001] Clarifying instructions on linking man pages)

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Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 17:11:06 +0100
From: Colin Watson <cjw44@flatline.org.uk>
To: submit@bugs.debian.org
Subject: [PROPOSAL] Clarifying instructions on linking man pages
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Sender: Colin Watson <cjw44@riva.ucam.org>
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Package: debian-policy
Severity: wishlist

[I've clarified this proposal slightly from what I originally posted on
 debian-policy, in response to Chris Waters' comments.]

A recent discussion on debian-mentors [1] brought it to my attention
that packages frequently rely on an implementation detail of man: that
it holds a database of whatis entries and happens to be able to find
pages even if the file containing the man page has a different name that
doesn't appear in the filesystem. For instance, look at xli(1), which
says it describes "xli, xsetbg, xview" - but xsetbg(1x) is a different
man page provided by the xloadimage package, and xli doesn't provide
xsetbg.1.gz itself. (Nor does it provide any executable called xsetbg,
in fact, but that's a different bug. builtins(1) is perhaps a better

If you don't have xloadimage installed, 'man xsetbg' will eventually
work, but if the man database happens not to be up to date (because
you've just installed some new man pages, for instance) then it has to
grovel through all your manual page hierarchies to find the most
appropriate page to show. If you have neither xli nor xloadimage
installed, then man might have to look through lots of man pages anyway
just to be able to tell you that it can't find anything appropriate.

The current implementation of all of this could be improved somewhat,
but that's not really the point. Since it's fundamentally a horrible
mess, I'd like to deprecate the practice of relying on man working this
out (very ... slowly ...) for itself and have packages install symlinks
instead (or .so links or hard links, although those are already mildly
deprecated). man's database is meant for supporting apropos and that
sort of thing, not for doing a job that really should be kept in the
filesystem. In addition, some other implementation of man might well not
handle this: in point of fact, Andries Brouwer's implementation, used in
several other GNU/Linux distributions, doesn't.

As I read it, current policy seems to implicitly expect that packages
should use the filesystem for this purpose:

   If one manpage needs to be accessible via several names it is better
   to use a symbolic link than the .so feature, but there is no need to
   fiddle with the relevant parts of the upstream source to change from
   .so to symlinks--don't do it unless it's easy. You should not create
   hard links in the manual page directories, nor put absolute filenames
   in .so directives. The filename in a .so in a manpage should be
   relative to the base of the manpage tree (usually /usr/share/man).

It doesn't even consider the possibility that packages might not install
any kind of link (.so, symbolic, or hard) in the filesystem. I propose
the following diff to policy to clarify this:

--- policy.sgml.orig	Sat Apr 21 14:05:54 2001
+++ policy.sgml	Sat Apr 21 18:15:04 2001
@@ -6528,7 +6528,24 @@
 	  absolute filenames in <tt>.so</tt> directives.  The filename
 	  in a <tt>.so</tt> in a manpage should be relative to the
 	  base of the manpage tree (usually
-	  <tt>/usr/share/man</tt>).</p></sect>
+	  <tt>/usr/share/man</tt>). If you do not create any links
+	  (whether symlinks, hard links, or .so directives) in the
+	  filesystem to the alternate names of the manpage, then you
+	  should not rely on <prgn>man</prgn> finding your manpage
+	  under those names based solely on the information in the
+	  manpage's header.
+	  <footnote>
+	   <p>
+	    Supporting this in <prgn>man</prgn> often requires
+	    unreasonable processing time to find a manual page or to
+	    report that none exists, and moves knowledge into man's
+	    database that would be better left in the filesystem.
+	    This support is therefore deprecated and will cease to be
+	    present in the future.
+	   </p>
+	  </footnote>
+	</p>
+      </sect>

Before woody is released, I'd like to drop support for this in man
(perhaps unless you use some option or other).

Currently, my count on auric [2] gives 1810 secondary names of man
pages, excluding non-US, that rely on this 'feature' of man; these names
are referred to in 377 unique man pages. For comparison, there are 6974
man page names referred to via .so, symbolic, or hard links.

The effect on packages of removing this feature will be that man pages
will only be guaranteed to be accessible by names in the filesystem,
which I don't expect to be a major problem in the short term considering
how much more usable the whole thing will become for people with even
moderately substantial numbers of packages installed. I'll file (normal)
bugs as necessary, and fixing these will be a matter of installing
additional symlinks.

Given that the man package used in many other distributions doesn't
support this, and that in fact the feature seems to be a non-standard
extension in the man-db package we use, I don't expect this to cause any
significant interoperability problems.

I'm looking for seconders for this proposal.

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-mentors-0104/msg00202.html

[2] for x in `grep-dctrl -rnsFilename . \
    /org/ftp.debian.org/ftp/dists/sid/*/*/Packages | sort -u`; \
      do dpkg --fsys-tarfile /org/ftp.debian.org/ftp/$x | \
      tar -xkf - {./,}usr/{,share/,X11R6/}man/ 2>/dev/null; \
    done; \
    cp /usr/lib/man-db/mandb .; \
    for x in usr/{,share/,X11R6/}man; do ./mandb $x; done; \
    for x in usr/{,share/,X11R6/}man; \
      do echo $x:; /usr/sbin/accessdb $x/index.bt | \
      perl -nle \
        'if (/ -> "[^ ]* [^ ]* [^ ]* C (.+?) /) {
           $count++; $ref{$1}++;
         END {
           print "$count names in ", scalar keys %ref, " unique pages";
         }'; \


Colin Watson (man-db maintainer)                 [cjw44@flatline.org.uk]

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Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2001 00:30:50 +0100
From: Julian Gilbey <jdg@debian.org>
To: 66023-done@bugs.debian.org, 89473-done@bugs.debian.org,
	89674-done@bugs.debian.org, 91249-done@bugs.debian.org,
	91252-done@bugs.debian.org, 91257-done@bugs.debian.org,
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	94995-done@bugs.debian.org, 95906-done@bugs.debian.org,
	97072-done@bugs.debian.org, 98712-done@bugs.debian.org
Subject: debian-policy_3.5.5.0_i386.changes INSTALLED
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Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2001 10:23:07 -0400
From: Debian Installer <installer@ftp-master.debian.org>
Subject: debian-policy_3.5.5.0_i386.changes INSTALLED
To: Julian Gilbey <jdg@debian.org>,
        Debian Policy List <debian-policy@lists.debian.org>

  to pool/main/d/debian-policy/debian-policy_3.5.5.0.tar.gz
policy-process.txt.gz byhand
libc6-migration.txt byhand
fhs.txt byhand
  to pool/main/d/debian-policy/debian-policy_3.5.5.0_all.deb
perl-policy.txt.gz byhand
menu-policy.txt.gz byhand
mime-policy.txt.gz byhand
virtual-package-names-list.txt byhand
upgrading-checklist.txt byhand
fhs-2.1.html.tar.gz byhand
policy.pdf.gz byhand
menu-policy.html.tar.gz byhand
policy.html.tar.gz byhand
mime-policy.html.tar.gz byhand
debconf_specification.html byhand
debconf_specification.txt.gz byhand
policy.txt.gz byhand
policy-process.html.tar.gz byhand
perl-policy.html.tar.gz byhand
  to pool/main/d/debian-policy/debian-policy_3.5.5.0.dsc
policy.ps.gz byhand
Changes: debian-policy ( unstable; urgency=low
  * Fixed up incorrect entries in the changelog (there was an erroneous revision which never happened; it has now been correctly
    merged with the changelog entry)
  * Add section numbers to upgrading-checklist for all revisions from
    3.0.0 onwards
  * Complete rewrite (and renumbering) of sections 9.1 and 9,2
  * This time *really* include the HTML version of the FHS
  * Added doc-base support for all of the HTML files
  * Added several more files to the byhand list and rewrote chunks of
    debian/rules to do this
  * Add patched versions of debiandoc-sgml stuff to source package until
    patches are incorporated upstream
  * Versioned Build-Depend on debiandoc-sgml for fixed Text.pm
  * Improved mkdir example in 10.1.2                 closes: Bug#92744
  * Made the "where examples live" entry in the upgrading-checklist
    clearer (add "for use by scripts")
  * Add a dpkg-statoverride description section      closes: Bug#89473
  * Fix the ldconfig usage description (remove "only if")
                                                     closes: Bug#89674
  * Clarification of package priority issues vis-a-vis the X Windows
    system                                           closes: Bug#91249
  * Enhanced x-terminal-emulator policy              closes: Bug#91252
  * Minor changes to X app-defaults policy           closes: Bug#91259
  * Clarification of X policy in respect to FHS      closes: Bug#91260
  * OpenMotif has the same rules as OSF/Motif        closes: Bug#91261
  * The X Font policy rewrite                        closes: Bug#91257
  * The "man" program is no longer guaranteed to read header information
    to find alternative manpage names                closes: Bug#94995
  * Correction to meaning of Standards-Version       closes: Bug#97072
  * Split section 12.8 (X Window System) into subsections for readability
  * Plug-ins != shared libraries (at last)           closes: Bug#66023
  * Add packaging manual remnants to policy document as appendices, and
    mention this in control file                     closes: Bug#95906
  * Clarification in Perl policy                     closes: Bug#98712
Announcing to debian-devel-changes@lists.debian.org
Setting bugs to severity fixed: 66023 89473 89674 91249 91252 91257 91259 91260 91261 92744 94995 95906 97072 98712 

Thank you for your contribution to Debian.

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