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Bug#99324: Default charset should be UTF-8

On Jun 01, Radovan Garabik <garabik@melkor.dnp.fmph.uniba.sk> wrote:

 >>  >using ISO 8859-2 because Windows 1250 has polluted everything. Adding
 >>  >another one to the pile is likely to screw things up even more. <sigh>
 >> This is the reason we can't just switch the terminals to UTF-8, there
 >> are way too many programs which can't correctly recode ISO-8859-* text,
 >> because they are broken or because the charset is unlabeled.
 >so we first make them work with ISO-8859-*, then work on making applications
 >work with UTF-8, then work on making those terminals display UTF-8?
 >I can see a shortcut here...
No, we first make sure our applications can all work correctly with
UTF-8 too, then the communities who cares about it will change their
default locales from the national encoding to UTF-8.

 >All the i18n stuff in glibc is a bit flawed... it assumes you
 >NEVER want to change the default locale while the program is running,
 >and it assumes everybody has correct terminal.
So, are you proposing we switch our default encoding to one which is not
well supported by libc?

 >have glibc work internaly in UTF-8 unconditionaly
 >Output is transliterated according to terminal charset
 >(ideally UTF-8, so no conversion is necessary).
 >Terminal charset can be switched over _on the fly_, maybe
 >via SIG-SOMETHING to glibc

 >locales are in UTF-8 unconditionaly
If gettext can recode it's not relevant.


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