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Re: Bug#99714: dh_installexamples: install examples in /usr/share/$package/examples/ (with symlink from /usr/share/doc/$package/examples)

Arthur Korn wrote:
> As of Policy version examples should be installed in either of
> /usr/{lib,share}/$package/. This patch makes dh_installexamples install
> examples in /usr/share/$package/examples/ and create a symlink from
> /usr/share/doc/$package/examples to /usr/share/$package/examples.

That is not the intent of policy (I should know; I drafted that
modification). The intent is that packages may, rarely, have
architecture dependant example files. Such files cannot go in
/usr/share, so policy now says put them in /usr/lib, with a symlink to
the other location.

It is unfortunate that the upgrading-checklist incorrectly summarizes
this change when it says:

      - Examples and templates should now live in
        /usr/share/<package> or /usr/lib/<package>, with
        symbolic links from /usr/share/doc//<package>/examples as

Flatly incorrect. Policy says nothing about a /usr/share/package directory
holding examples. I suggest ignoring that incorrect summary and just reading
policy 13.7.

see shy jo

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