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Re: mandate ldconfig -X?

Robert Bihlmeyer <robbe@orcus.priv.at> wrote:

> Background:
> ldconfig has two purposes:
> 1. For each shared library, create/update a symbolic link from the
>   library's soname to the library file. The link is only changed if
>   it was broken/non-existing before, or the library in question has a
>   higher version than the current destination of the link.
> 2. Update the locations of shared libraries in /etc/ld.so.cache
> Per default, ldconfig will execute both actions.


> The second action is generally useful. "ldconfig -X" will do just
> that, and omit the first.

> Why should we not commit the first action anyway?

If ldconfig was written properly, then the first action should be pretty
much a noop if the symlinks are present.  After all, you still have to
stat everything to find out what the symlink should point to, and the
first action merely adds an stat if the symlink exists.

If this is not how ldconfig works currently, then it should be fixed.
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