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New user Debian

Can anyone help

Been running linux mandrake and decided to try debian.
When using mandrake I setserial to /dev/ttyS2 com3 to irq 10 and connection
to internet was successful.
On setting up debian i changed the serial of /dev/ttyS2 to irq 10 and the
modemn was found
Can wvdial as root but not as user tried adduser xxxx to dialout but still
having problems.
I have been going round in circles for a few days. Any ideals on how to
connect up.

Another thing is the sound.
When running mandrake i used sndconfig to set up my sound.
In debian my card is found es1869 but I cant get it to work.
In windows my sound card is found on irq 5 and I used this in mandrake to
work. Anyone know how to get my sound working.
Is there an equivilent sndconfig for debian.

What I see of debian so far is great but trying to set up the system to my
requirements is proving more difficult that I thought.

Thanks in advance


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