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Re: Tightening up specification of /bin/sh

On 21-May-01, 05:22 (CDT), Patrik Hagglund <patha@softlab.ericsson.se> wrote: 
> I don't see what you mean by "the initial value of the IFS
> variable". Is there anything that is unspecified for field
> splitting in IEEE Std. 1003.2-1992? Isn't "If IFS is not set, the
> shell shall behave as if the value of IFS were the <space>, <tab>,
> and <newline> characters." (page 123) enough?

You apparently missed the recent flamewar on this topic. Some people
apparently interpet "the shall behave as if the value of IFS were" as
"the shell shall set the value of IFS to". So yes, the standard is clear
to those people who are used to reading standards. Others tend to read
more into them than is there.

Steve Greenland <stevegr@debian.org>
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