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Re: tasks: counterproposal (and implimentation)

Branden Robinson wrote:
> We have "package sets".
> Here's an example:
> /usr/share/package-sets/progeny/xemacs.contents
> /usr/share/package-sets/progeny/xemacs.description
> $ cat /usr/share/package-sets/progeny/xemacs.contents
> xemacs21
> xemacs21-bin
> xemacs21-mule
> xemacs21-supportel
> xemacs21-support
> $ cat /usr/share/package-sets/progeny/xemacs.description
> XEmacs
>  XEmacs is an enhanced version of Emacs, the extensible, customizable,
>  self-documenting real-time display editor.  This package includes
>  XEmacs as well as an updated version of the Gnus news reader that is
>  newer than the version included with XEmacs.
> You can override the contents (off the top of my head, not sure about the
> description) by creating a file in, e.g., /etc/package-sets/xemacs.contents .

Sure, but what's the delivery mechanism? This is, after all, essentally
the same data that is in task packages now, and that is contained in a
single file in the thing I implemented. What makes the difference is how
the data is delivered:

- With task packages, it is delivered in the Packages file.
- With my thing, it is delivered in some package (or potentially
  packages), that drops a file into some directory.
- With package sets, it is delivered ... ?

see shy jo

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