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Re: Is it allowed to remove old changelog entries?

On Mon, May 14, 2001 at 08:21:07PM +0200, Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> Previously Adrian Bunk wrote:
> > It seems he's right and I can't find a place in the policy that forbids
> > the deletion of old changelog entries or did I miss something?
> It also doesn't allow it. Common behaviour seems to be to move the old
> changelog entries in a seperate file.
> Old changelog entries can be very useful at times as well, both to track
> down bugs or to find other historic data (for example I've been looking for
> old strace changelogs to see when I actually became a Debian developer
> but unfortunately they seem to have been lost :( )

You can always keep the old changelogs in the source package only.



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