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Re: Finishing the FHS transition

On Sun, May 06, 2001 at 07:31:43PM +0200, Adrian Bunk wrote:

> I want to suggest to finish the FHS transition. This includes the
> following steps:

> - Packages with Standards-Version >= 3.0 must follow the FHS.

Didn't we already have this discussion?  The Standards-Version field
is not a reliable indication of much of anything.  I strongly object
to removing packages because of what amount to cosmetic issues, and an
incorrect Standards-Version (one that doesn't reflect the version of
policy that the package _actually_ complies with) is really no more
than a cosmetic issue (no software actually uses that field).

I only have a few of the listed packages installed on my system, but
most of the ones I checked did indeed use /usr/share/doc (and
/usr/share/man, in those cases where man pages were present).  I
suspect that this is due to the use of debhelper, but anyway....

Checking for FHS violations should be done by checking for FHS
violations, not by checking an unreliable and all-but-meaningless
field in some configuration file.

(Plus, as a side issue, by a strict reading of the FHS, we should be
using /usr/share/menu rather than /usr/lib/menu, which means RC bugs
against nearly every package in the system!)  :-)

> - A change in the policy to remove the obsolete /usr/doc symlinks.

This is supposed to happen once enough packages make the transition.
Now, if we're really down to 253 packages that use /usr/doc (with no
symlink), then maybe it's time.  But, unfortunately, that number, 253,
measures *claimed* compliance, not actual compliance.

Now, my poking around suggests that there are actually far *fewer*
than 253 packages still using /usr/doc.  And if that's true, then it's
definitely time to remove the symlinks.  But it might be nice to have
some hard facts, rather than speculation based on unreliable claims
made by inattentive package maintainers.

> Ben Gertzfield (che@debian.org)                      wmifs
> Eric Leblanc (jughead@debian.org)                    groovycd
> Eric Leblanc (jughead@debian.org)                    zangband
> Gene McCulley (mcculley@debian.org)                  xcopilot
> Javier Fernandez-Sanguino Pen a (jfs@computer.org)   spellcast
> Luis Francisco Gonzalez (luisgh@debian.org)          xgammon
> Rob Browning (rlb@cs.utexas.edu)                     emacs20
> Robert Woodcock (rcw@debian.org)                     cd-discid
> Takuo KITAME (kitame@northeye.org)                   bbdb
> Vincent Renardias (vincent@debian.org)               gdb
> Vincent Renardias (vincent@debian.org)               gnumeric
> Wichert Akkerman (wakkerma@debian.org)               sed

I inspected these packages.  Only emacs20 lacked the /usr/share/doc
directory.  If that ratio holds true (which I doubt), then we've only
got 21 packages left to transition! :-)

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xtifr@debian.org       |  microscopicsilico-    to fit into a single
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