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Bug#95906: debian-policy: Debian policy manual description should mention the packaging manual incorporation

>>"Thomas" == Thomas Bushnell BSG <tb@MIT.EDU> writes:

 Thomas> The debian-policy manual now includes what used to be in the
 Thomas> separate packaging-manual package, but the description
 Thomas> remains  unchanged.

	Policy only contains part of what was in the packaging manual.

 Thomas> I was momentarily confused, and would appreciate it if a
 Thomas> suitable note were in the package description so that it
 Thomas> would be immediately clear that the new package subsumes both
 Thomas> functions of the old.

	But it does not, really. The rest of the packaging manual has
 been relegated to where it came from, documentation of the Debian
 packaging system; and it is in the process of being reincarnated as a
 dpkg manual.

	A statement that parts of the packagning manualk are now part
 of the policy manual would be correct; and perhaps the description
 can mention that.

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