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Re: Policy for stripping binaries

On Sun, Apr 22, 2001 at 12:11:12AM +0300, Richard Braakman wrote:
> Rules files rarely call strip directly, and when they do it
> is uncomfortable to add the long options for stripping those
> two sections.  It doesn't makes much difference whether 99%
> or 100% of the binaries strip them, because the space savings
> was small in the first place.  So I don't think this should be
> a Lintian warning.  It used to be an info-level tag (those are
> only shown if requested with -I), and I think that's still the
> right level.

It was elevated to see just how many people this affected.  Almost no one runs
lintian with -I, I have had several bugs linger for a while that only come out
when -I is active and no one ever saw them. 

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