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Bug#93975: Make shared libs non-mandatory.

On Sat, Apr 14, 2001 at 05:29:20PM +0200, Daniel Kobras wrote:
> I have prepared a package of libdv, a library to de- and encode digital
> video data, and noted that it violates current policy: The x86 version
> of the library contains optimized assembler routines that are not
> relocatable. Therefore, the lib on x86 won't build as a shared library,
> which is in conflict with the first paragraph of debian-policy sect. 11.2,
> mandating also shared versions of each lib. I have contacted upstream
> about this, and they prefer to keep libdv static-only for performance
> reasons. When I brought up this issue on debian-devel, it was suggested
> I build a libdv-dev package only across all archs and request a policy
> change allowing static-only uploads as well in special cases.

This is not secondable, because you do not have the text of a policy

However, I second the sentiment.

There have been times when people package pre-1.0 versions of libraries
and it causes great grief as the upstream breaks the API with great
regularity.  I would therefore suggest that any library whose major
version number is zero (or otherwise in a development phase), should
NOT provide a shared version.  This leaves upstream authors free to do
development during their development cycle(s) without feeling any pressure
from Debian to stabilize their API prematurely, and it also decreases the
chances of application breakage for users, because libs with version
numbers of zero are a well-known exception to the soname incrementation

I really, really, really, don't miss crap like glib1.1.12_1.1.12-1,
glib1.1.15_1.1.15-1, etc.

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