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Bug#53582: PROPOSAL] base section: let's get rid of this one at last

Yann Dirson wrote:
> Joey suggested:
> Here is one way we could reword policy:
> | 2.3.6. The base system 
>   ----------------------
> |
> |   The base system is a minimum subset of the Debian GNU/Linux system that is
>     installed before everything else on a new system.  Thus, only very few 
> |   packages are allowed to go into the base system to keep the
> |   required disk usage very small.
>     Most of these packages should have the priority value `required' or at
>     least `important', and many of them will be tagged `essential' (see
>     below).
>     You must not place any packages into the `base' section before this has 
>     been discussed on the `debian-devel' mailing list and a consensus about 
>     doing that has been reached.
> Why not getting rid of the 3rd paragraph altogether ?  It becomes
> obsolete if the "base" section is to be removed.

I agree with Yann's suggestion.  Joey, are you agreeable to this
change; Yann, are you seconding this proposal?  If so, it'll go in a
soon-to-be-released policy version.



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