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Help wanted

There are now over 90 bugs filed against policy.  I would like to
decimate that number over the coming months, but I will not be able to
do it alone.

What needs doing:

- any bugs which are not labelled as [PROPOSAL], etc., or as something
  like [BUG] or [TYPO] or similar need labelling appropriately so that
  they can be recognised much more easily

- any proposals which have not seen any activity in the last four
  weeks need to be checked through to identify their status:

  - if they have been adequately supported yet forgotten about, their
    status should be changed to [AMENDMENT]

  - if they were not adequately supported, or there was disagreement
    over whether it should be accepted, then an email should be sent
    to the proposer, copied to the bug report, saying that if there is
    no change over the next 2 weeks, the proposal will be rejected

If necessary, I can put together a status page for this task, but I
can't do the above alone (reading the reports takes quite long

Thanks for any help on this one!



         Julian Gilbey, Dept of Maths, Queen Mary, Univ. of London
       Debian GNU/Linux Developer,  see http://people.debian.org/~jdg
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