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Re: Policy rewrite: chaps 11-13

Previously Julian Gilbey wrote:
> 11.2, penultimate paragraph reads:
>      Packages that use libtool to create shared libraries should
>      include the _.la_ files in the _-dev_ packages, with the
>      exception that if the package relies on libtool's _libltdl_
>      library, in which case the .la files must go in the run-time
>      library package.  >>>This<<< is a good idea in general, and
>      especially for static linking issues.
>      What does the indicated "This" refer to -- that packages should
>      include the .la files in the -dev or run-time package?


> 11.7.5  What does the following mean?
>      However, programs that require dotfiles in order to operate
>      sensibly (dotfiles that they do not create themselves
>      automatically, that is) are a bad thing, and programs should be
>      configured by the Debian default installation as close to normal
>      as possible.
>      (It's the last part I don't understand.)

It should be a seperate sentence, indicating maintainers should put all kinds
of non-standard stuff in default configuration files.

>      If you need a statically allocated id, you must ask for a user or
>      group id from the base system maintainer, and must not release
>      the package until you have been allocated one.

There is no `base system maintainer', that should be the `base-passwd
maintainer' instead.

>      been allocated one you must make the package depend on a version
>      of the base system with the id present in `/etc/passwd' or

Again, s/base system/base-passwd/

> 12.2 The last para reads:
>      If a package wants to install an example entry into
>      `/etc/inetd.conf', the entry must be preceded with exactly one
>      hash character (`#').  Such lines are treated as `commented out
>      by user' by the `update-inetd' script and are not changed or
>      activated during a package updates.
>      This isn't very meaningful as it stands.

Makes perfect sense to me..

> 12.6 "Mailboxes are generally [mode] 660 user.mail unless the user has
>      chosen otherwise."
>      Should this be "unless the system administrator has chosen
>      otherwise."?


> 12.6 All MTA packages must include a newaliases program, so there
>      should be a para reminding that all MTAs must Provide, Conflict
>      and Replace mail-transport-agent.

I'm not quite sure why newaliases is obgliatory, exim doesn't need it
for example.


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