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Re: Is the stable/unstable split broken?

On Sat, 27 Jan 2001, Joey Hess wrote:

> Jon Eisenstein wrote:
> > Although I haven't tried it myself, I know many people have used another
> > alternative and have had no major problems: Change sources.list to point
> > to unstable, apt-get install X, and change sources.list back to
> > stable. Possibly, since this works when done in this way, maybe it could
> > be automated somehow.
> Apt 0.4 allows just this, you use something like:
> apt-get install foo=unstable
> and it will grab unstable's version of package foo.
> Of course, apt 0.4 is not even in unstable yet.
> -- 
> see shy jo

Sounds perfect. I can envision a frontend to this with little checkboxes
or something to pull certain sets of packages from an alternate
source. Would this be able to prevent (or maybe allow, whatever the
current allowability is) a case where someone using unstable wants to run
a particular package from its stable version? Would it allow downgrading,
that is, as it would have to allow upgrading everything except for the


Jonathan Eisenstein

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