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CVS srivasta: * The minimal change in version number is so that people can test and

CVSROOT:	/cvs/debian-policy
Module name:	debian-policy
Changes by:	srivasta	Wed Jan 17 23:44:41 PST 2001

Modified files:
	.              : policy.sgml upgrading-checklist.html 
	debian         : changelog 

Log message:
* The minimal change in version number is so that people can test and
root out the bugs in this document before we make everyone change to
this version.
* Document the Enhances relationship
* Removed the restriction that one, and exactly one, person must
maintain a package.                            closes: Bug#51879
* Fixed a typo, and added the nogroup name, in uid/gid section of
policy.                                        closes: Bug#53496
* Fixed a misstatement in policy about not needing to depend on packages
in the base system (not true -- the Essential tag is significant)
closes: Bug#53700
* Clarified update-rc.d stuff                    closes: Bug#55048
* We have already included the material for shlibdep changes, and most
of this is not relevant to policy anyway.      closes: Bug#55730
* makedev--> MAKEDEV                             closes: Bug#57154
* Added restrictions on the files in /usr/share/doc/
closes: Bug#59403
* Changed location of a paragraph about copyright files into the section
that deals with copyright files.               closes: Bug#65765
* init script configuration variables            closes: Bug#66912
* Clarifed language about packages sharing a conffile need to be marked
as conflicting                                 closes: Bug#76028

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