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Re: cleaning up our task packages

On Thu, 7 Dec 2000, Rando Christensen wrote:

> Instead of the task-* packages, there really should just be a preselected
> set of packages that people can use. A few of them, much like you would
> expect in other distributions.
> even if it itself USED the task-* things, that's too much still for many
> people. some people want to see "Development Configuration" or "Server
> Configuration"... and it's not too hard to accommodate for those people.

Anyone ever thought about having task-* packages with Priority: standard and
pre-selecting them in tasksel (either with special switch or by default)?
Then everyone not wanting e.g. task-c-dev (whose "components" are mostly
Pri: standard now) can easily turn it off. Then we can also have a
task-important-pkgs to make it possible to _not_ install Pri: important
packages when using the `simple' install method.

  Anne Bezemer

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