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Re: [PROPOSAL] Full text of GPL must be included

Rando Christensen <illuzion@xanthor.net> writes:

> > Note that dpkg itself is GPLed, so if you have a working version of dpkg,
> > you almost certainly already have a copy of the GPL. (On a Debian system,
> > the GPL's in base-files, which is essential). Note that if you want to
> > get any use out of a deb (other than just look at how it's laid out,
> > maybe), you almost certainly need to run it on a Linux system, and Linux
> > is also GPLed (ditto Hurd).

1) Linux binaries can be run on many non-Linux systems, like BSD,
   which might not have any copy of the GPL.

2) The license says it must be given with the binaries.  

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