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Re: [PROPOSAL] Full text of GPL must be included

Sean 'Shaleh' Perry wrote:
> On 29-Nov-2000 Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> > Package: debian-policy
> >
> > RMS just asked me if it was true that all our packages don't include
> > the GPL, just a reference to it, since that is a violation of the
> > GPL itself. In his words:
> >
> we do not remove the copyright. it is still in the source.  I fail to see why
> having 300 copies of the same file is needed.

I agree, the present reference is good enough (especially since most
software Debian uses is GPL'ed).

But the fact remains: when getting deb sources there is no problem
because the original tar.gz contains the GPL in full, but the binary
package doesn't include it (after installed it only contains the

I can see the point here: this is ok when we assume the most usual case:
deb's are used in Debian systems. But if someone has apt in another
dist/OS - I don't know is ppl do this, but they prolly can - the
reference that 'copyright' provides doesn't exist (apart from the url).

I hope there is an easy way to fix this.

best regards,


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