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Re: [PROPOSAL] Origin and Bugs support

> > But what if we are interested in it? What if the Debian package
> > maintainers is already working on such a feature?
> Heh this is already happening II'm sure.

Then why contribute to it?

> > Uh, integration bugs could be a Debian problem. It could be that a new
> > Debian library upload made changes that were binary incompatible, and
> If I pop in a Progeny and install it and stuff does not work then you
> better belive Progeny is the one who should get the bug reports.
> > Anyway, the real solution to this is not "if they have dist 'foo' all bugs
> > go to them". The better solution for what Progeny wants is for there to be
> > a global Origin for a particular "Release". Apt does know about releases,
> > so maybe Apt can offer up something in it's cache that reportbug can query.
> Well, the best solution is that if you start mixing and matching
> Debian.org, Progeny, Stormix, etc then you will want to probably do
> something else..
> The only way I can see to solve that aside from mass recompiles is to get
> APT involved and have it do tagging based on where the package came from.
> (For these general shared packages I describe)

I think that is exactly what I said (if not said, then it's what I meant,
so we are thinking along the same lines) :)

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