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Re: RFC: draft sub-policy for kernel patches

On Wed, Nov 01, 2000 at 11:17:06PM +0100, debian-policy-request@lists.debian.org wrote:
> Hi,
> Hi wrote a small draft for directives wrt packaging of kernel patches.
> I'd like to have comments on this.  I attach the text version.  An
> HTML version is available at
> http://people.debian.org/~dirson/kpatches/kpatch-policy.html/

------ snip ------
> 1.1. Using `make-kpkg' to build patched kernels
> -----------------------------------------------
>      The default configuration of `make-kpkg' is to ignore any available
>      patches and build a package with whatever kernel source is in the
>      current directory.  You can tell him to use patches from under
>      `/usr/src/kernel-patches/', either by setting the `PATCH_THE_KERNEL'
>      environment variable to `YES' [1].
>      When asked to apply patches, `make-kpkg' will apply all patches it
>      finds for the current architecture and version for the kernel being
>      built.  You may want to only select some of them using the
>      `--added_patches' option.
> [1]  You may also set the `patch_the_kernel' variable in
>      `/etc/kernel-pkg.conf', but I discourage this, you may well forget you
>      have this set one day. 
> 1.2. How `make-kpkg' applies patches
> ------------------------------------
>      It looks for `apply' scripts in the following subdirectories of
>      `/usr/src/kernel-patches/':
>      1.   `$ARCH/$VERSION/apply/'
>      2.   `$ARCH/apply/'
>      3.   `all/$VERSION/apply/'
>      4.   `all/apply/'
>      At the time it will want to remove those patches, it will then look
>      into similar directories with name `unpatch'.
>      Typically the main job of these scripts is to apply a diff, but well,
>      they are scripts after all, and more complex tasks in need of
>      something more smart than `patch' may make use of this power.

This seems like it will start cluttering /usr/src
Maybe we should move it all to $topdir/kernel where $topdir defaults to 
and under here we have subsirs



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