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New packaging manual draft

Hi folks,

	I have put an initial draft of the new package related policy
 manual on http://master.debian.org/%7Esrivasta/new-packaging.txt. I
 have tried to trim tis down to include only stuff I think ought to be
 in policy, using the following informal criteria:
[1]  Standard interfaces 
       The material presented represents an interface to the packaging
       system that is mandated for use, and is used by, a significant
       number of packages, and should not be changed without peer
       review. Package maintainers can then rely on this interfaces
       not changing, and the package management software authors need
       to enure compatibility with these interface definitions.
       (control file and and changelog file formats are one example)
[2]    Choosen Convention If there are a number of technically
       viable choices that can be made, but one needs to select one of
       these options for interoperability. The version number format
       is one example. Please note that these are not mutially
       exclusive; selected conventions often become parts of standard

	I have also tried to modify the language to follow the
 MUST/SHOULD/MAY conventions like the policy manual does.

	I was fast loosing steam towards teh end, so I am sure I must
 have missed some critical policy item or included things that ougt
 not to be policy. Please review, and tell me how I have erred in

 Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish. Euripides
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