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Bug#61308: PROPOSAL] Initializing databases by using conffile s.

On Wed, Mar 29, 2000 at 12:45:09PM -0500, Buddha Buck wrote:
> 2.  Files like /etc/hosts, which are install-specific.  The sysadmin is
> expected to change them, and should not be automagically changed without the
> sysadmin knowing.
> Case 1 and 2 should be conf files, but case 3 should not.

I think the second case should also not be a conffile.

Any file which is unusable in a default state provided initially by the
package should either be fixed to be usable, or not be a conffile. In the
latter case, if a file doesn't exist, the postinst script should just
copy over an example that wouldn't be able to harm the user, i.e. everything
in the file commented out.

/etc/chatscripts/provider would need to be a conffile, but it absolutely
needs to be edited, simply because the installation can't guess the phone
number of user's ISP. (this might be handled better, by asking a question,
but never mind that now :)

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