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Bug#61308: PROPOSAL] Initializing databases by using conffiles.

Santiago Vila wrote:

> I also think this proposal should not be needed, but considering that
> nobody managed so far to convince the mime-support maintainer that
> /etc/mailcap being a conffile is really bad, it seems it is.

Perhaps that's because (Slink) policy says:

4.7. Configuration files

     Any configuration files created or used by your package should reside
     in `/etc'. If there are several you should consider creating a
     subdirectory named after your package.

     It is almost certain that any file in `/etc' that is in your package's
     file system archive should be listed in `dpkg''s `conffiles' control
     area file. (See the _Debian Packaging Manual_).

That wording should be cleared up if it still exists.

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