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Bug#35504: [PROPOSAL] Permissions of /var/log.

On Tue, 28 Mar 2000, Wichert Akkerman wrote:

> Previously Santiago Vila wrote:
> > The /var/log directory should have permissions 2775 (group-writable and
> > set-group-id) and be owned by root.adm.
> Why group writeable?

Good question. These are the permissions Bruce Perens gave to the /var/log
directory a long time ago, and there is a similar policy for the
/usr/local directory, so I based my first draft on this.

Anyway, since noone think it is a good idea, I withdrawn the
group-writable part. I modify my proposal to this:

The /var/log directory should have permissions 2755 (set-group-id)
and be owned by root.adm.

Rationale: If group of logfiles which don't contain sensitive data does
not matter and logfiles which contain sensitive data should be owned by
root.adm, then root.adm is a better default than root.root.

Manoj wrote:
> What are your arguments for not letting the maintainer decide this on
> their own?

This policy will still let the maintainer to decide this on their own.

I am still looking for seconds for this modified proposal. If you think
this policy is harmful, please object and I'll drop it entirely.


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