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Bug#43077: configuration=<arch>-<vendor>-<os>: Seconded.

 Several programs I've built, includeing XEmacs-21.2-devel (CVS)[1]
 will accept only three part `configuration' strings in the form
 "<arch>-<vendor>-<os>".  I think it's best that we put "debian" in
 the <vendor> field in all builds we do.  Several prominent members of
 the XEmacs Development Team are in agreement; they have advised me to
 try and influence Debian Policy in this direction.

 I offer to try and write that section of the Policy Manual if folks
 all agree that this change should be made.

 Arch needs to be normalized to "i386" for the x86 architecture, and
 the CFLAGS must be set for i386 compilation, unless we decide to
 create an i{5,6}86 binary release also, which some of us would like
 to do, I think.  (How much of a performance improvement does building
 everything from the kernel up with -mpentiumpro or whatever buy us?
 I have not researched this issue.)

[1] Which I've begun a packaging scheme for... ask if you would like
    to see it.

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