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Updating the BTS, in preparation for a policy package update

severity 34610 wishlist
severity 35510 wishlist
severity 41902 wishlist
severity 42052 wishlist
severity 42477 wishlist
severity 42907 wishlist
severity 43483 wishlist
severity 42477 wishlist
severity 42907 wishlist
severity 43483 wishlist
severity 43724 wishlist
severity 43757 wishlist
severity 43928 wishlist 
severity 47298 wishlist
severity 48045 wishlist
severity 51411 wishlist
severity 51412 wishlist
severity 51473 wishlist
severity 51702 wishlist
severity 53700 wishlist
severity 54524 wishlist 
severity 54968 wishlist 
severity 54985 wishlist
severity 55048 wishlist
severity 55730 wishlist
severity 57154 wishlist
severity 60461 wishlist

severity 34610 fixed
severity 35510 fixed
severity 39830 fixed
severity 41902 fixed
severity 42052 fixed
severity 42477 fixed
severity 42907 fixed
severity 43483 fixed
severity 43724 fixed
severity 43757 fixed
severity 43928 fixed
severity 13353 fixed
severity 32263 fixed
severity 37999 fixed
severity 38703 fixed
severity 39398 fixed
severity 41113 fixed
severity 42554 fixed
severity 42870 fixed
severity 43077 fixed

retitle 34610 [OLD PROPOSAL] unsuffixed shared libraries
retitle 35510 [OLD PROPOSAL] mirror license seems Debian-specific
retitle 39830 [REJECTED] get rid of undocumented(7) symlinks
retitle 41902 [OLD PROPOSAL] Test suite proposal
retitle 42052 [OLD PROPOSAL] /var/mail and /var/spool/mail
retitle 42477 [OLD PROPOSAL] delay the /usr/doc transition till after potato
retitle 42907 [OLD PROPOSAL] Policy should mention permissions of /dev/[dsp,audio,mixer]
retitle 43483 [OLD PROPOSAL] section 3.2 should not allow static user ids (except root=0).
retitle 43724 [OLD PROPOSAL] experimental patch for very much faster dpkg -R
retitle 43757 [OLD PROPOSAL] My emacs can't find some info files
retitle 43928 [OLD PROPOSAL] libc and kernel source policy
retitle 13353 [OLD PROPOSAL] Keywords field for packages
retitle 32263 [OLD PROPOSAL] Split /cgi-bin/ into system and local parts
retitle 37999 [OLD PROPOSAL]: A pre-install required space checking mechanism for Debian packages
retitle 38703 [OLD PROPOSAL] A better way to configure debian systems
retitle 39398 [OLD PROPOSAL] debian-policy has an unclear statement on dependancies and priorities
retitle 41113 [OLD PROPOSAL] Naming Conventions for modules
retitle 42554 [OLD PROPOSAL] A proposal for README.Debian
retitle 42870 [OLD PROPOSAL] every alternative should be usable 
retitle 43077 [OLD PROPOSAL]: Remove the incompatibility argument from 5.1 

close 11094
close 20099
close 20373
close 21585
close 22308
close 22935
close 23355
close 23661
close 24133
close 24772


Hi folks,

        As I wanred last week, I am cleaning up the policy BTS. The
 first set of severity wishlist commands turn the ideas and proposals
 to the policy into wishlists, as per procedure. 

        The second set of commands clear out old and stalled proposals
 out of the policy BTS. I am labeling them fixed, rather than closing
 them, since people may wish to resurrect some of these proposals.

        The third set of commands retitle these reports appropriately.

        Finally, the fourth set of commands close previously stalled
 or rejected proposals more than 600 days old.

 Listen, there is no courage or any extra courage that I know of to
 find out the right thing to do.  Now, it is not only necessary to do
 the right thing, but to do it in the right way and the only problem
 you have is what is the right thing to do and what is the right way
 to do it.  That is the problem. But this economy of ours is not so
 simple that it obeys to the opinion of bias or the pronouncements of
 any particular individual, even to the President. This is an economy
 that is made up of 173 million people, and it reflects their desires,
 they're ready to buy, they're ready to spend, it is a thing that is
 too complex and too big to be affected adversely or advantageously
 just by a few words or any particular -- say, a little this and that,
 or even a panacea so alleged. D.D. Eisenhower, in response to: "Has
 the government been lacking in courage and boldness in facing up to
 the recession?"
Manoj Srivastava   <srivasta@debian.org>  <http://www.debian.org/%7Esrivasta/>
1024R/C7261095 print CB D9 F4 12 68 07 E4 05  CC 2D 27 12 1D F5 E8 6E
1024D/BF24424C print 4966 F272 D093 B493 410B  924B 21BA DABB BF24 424C

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