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Re: /usr/local policy

* John Lines <john@paladin.demon.co.uk> [000229 23:27]:
> How about an /etc/debian.conf or some such which could contain 'meta'
> information about things like this.

I am not a fan of this approach.

When I found SuSE linux, I was thrilled. (Primarily because it could
keep the X root menus in line with what was installed, for about four
windowmanagers! :) They had a file /etc/rc.config that contained
loads of configuration information and /sbin/SuSEconfig that would parse
the data in the config file and generate several dozen other required

I must admit, I found it sort of handy for a while. It was a nice medium
between Slackware's DoItAllYourSelf and RedHat's ClickThis! approaches.

I was a bit miffed when I found my name service tables changed at
seemingly random times because I hand-edited /etc/host.conf -- only to
have SuSEconfig rebuild one from the master config file.

Debian, I feel, has the superior approach -- binary installable files
with easy access to source, (usually) meaningful questions in the
install scripts, and unconstrained access to the config files. 

I am sure I could have gotten used to the master config file approach
with due time, but it grated on me.

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