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[PROPOSED] Change package relations policy to remove references to non-free from main

Package: debian-policy

I assume we are all aware of the discussion a couple of months ago
about removing references to non-free from main. There was a consensus
this should be done and a consensus was formed to do this via a new
Enhances relation for packages.

Enhances works in the opposite direction from Suggests: it allows a
package a to state that it can enhance the functionality of a package b.
So instead of package b declaring a Suggests on package a we now make
package a Enhance package b.

Using this we can remove all Suggests from packages in main to packages
outside of main by replacing them with an Enhances-declaration in the
non-main package.

Detailed listing of changes needed in the policy manual:

2.1.2  The main section

Replace the first item with:
* must not have a relation with or need a package outside of "main". 
  (thus, the package may not declare a "Depends", "Recommends",
  "Suggests" or other normal or build-time relationship on a non-main

Detailed listing of changes needed in the packaging manual:

8.2 Binary Dependencies

Add `Enhances' to the title of the section

Add the following to the list of relations:

   This field is similar to Suggests but works in the opposite
   direction. It is used to declare that a package can enhance
   the functionality of another package.

   `dselect' will offer a list of packages that enhance a package if
   the enhanced package is selected for installation.

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