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Re: Thoughts about src-dep implementation

Chris Waters wrote:
> Also, this would rely on "debian/rules clean" completely reversing the
> effect of a build, and I can tell you right now, this was not true of
> *any* package I have adopted, and is still not true of at least one
> package I'm currently maintaining (haven't had time, plus there's one
> especially tricky bit).  

debian/rules clean is already required to reverse the effects of the build.


          This should undo any effects that the `build' and `binary' targets
	  may have had, except that it should leave alone any output files
	  created in the parent directory by a run of `binary'. This target
	  is required to be non-interactive.

Anyone who builds a package twice in the same directory knows this. As
you've mentioned below, you don't. I expect most people do, though.

My experience is counter to yours -- I know debian/rules clean fully reverses
the build in all of my packages, and I have not run into many packages it
was broken with.

see shy jo

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