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Re: Thoughts about src-dep implementation


On Wed, Oct 27, 1999 at 02:46:45PM +0200, Roman Hodek wrote:
>  - dpkg-source extracts the Build-* fields from the .dsc and writes
>    them to debian/build-depends.

Sounds a bit too much like magic for me. It should not be necessary to make
such wiggles to build a package succesfully. By all means make this
optional. Working from the dsc is fine for me, for example.

Your argumentation shows probably that there is a flaw in how the dsc
file is handled. Instead hacking around symptoms, we should reconsider the
whole setup and seek for a clean solution (with clean I mean something that
not only works, but has some aesthetic and conceptual merit :)

>  - We extract some parts from sbuild and make a new script
>    dpkg-check-srcdeps from them. dpkg-buildpackage can call this
>    script if this is requested (or not inhibited), and can abort if
>    there are any errors. Also sbuild will use dpkg-check-srcdeps so
>    that the code isn't doubled.

I would prefer to leave all magic to apt. The only job dpkg-buildpackage
should optionally do is verification, which is a yes/no decision mostly.
Returning a status like U/I/R, is not something I would like to se at this

>    Until all packages come with src-deps, it's still necessary that
>    the checker script is able to read /etc/source-dependencies
>    (representing the current central database), but this can be a
>    seperate option used only by sbuild. I think we'll also need some
>    kind of override file, but this, too, can be an option.

All of this does not belong in the standard setup, IMHO.

>  - IMHO it's still a goal that parts of the source dependencies should
>    be auto-generated, for two reasons: 1) it saves some work for the
>    maintainer (he doesn't have to write down lots of -dev packages),
>    and 2) will avoid lots of errors. If we don't have that
>    auto-generation, it will be easy to forget that one has upgraded
>    some lib+dev packages, and therefore src-deps might have to change.

This can be an entirely independent project, too.
>    The problem with this: Currently the .dsc is built before
>    compiling, and thus the Build-* fields have to be known before
>    dpkg-shlibdeps is run. But there's an easy solution (IMHO): Why
>    don't we build the source package after the binaries? This would
>    speed up the development cycle anyway, because as long as you're
>    experimenting you currently often build the src package
>    unnecessarily. Also, you automatically have cleaned source trees
>    after dpkg-buildpackage, which can save some disk space if you
>    maintain lots of packages :-) At least I can't see now big problems
>    if dpkg-buildpackage runs "debian/rules clean; dpkg-source -b"
>    after building the binaries. Comments?

All my object files with debugging symbols would be lost !!!
This is not a good idea. To me it shows that trying to be overly clever with
automagically depends generation backfires too easily.

Well, all IMNSHO,

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