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Bug#38902: bi]weekly policy summary

On Sun, Oct 10, 1999 at 07:20:10PM +0200, Josip Rodin wrote:
> > Permit/require use of bz2 for source packages (#39299)
> >   * Old.
> >   * Proposed on 10 Jun 1999 by Chris Lawrence; seconded by Goswin
> >     Brederlow.
> >   * "I propose that we permit the use of bzip2 to compress source
> >     package files (.orig.tar and .diff for most packages, .tar for
> >     native packages). I further propose that the use of bzip2 be
> >     mandatory for newly uploaded source files, and that any existing
> >     source packages in the archive in gzip format exceeding 5 MB of
> >     compressed space be converted upon the freeze for potato."
> >     ( The reason this was proposed is because we're almost overflowing
> >     the second source CD already. This is a very contentious proposal. )
> Seconded.

I really think the "require" and "mandatory" parts are a Bad Plan.  If bz2
support is ACTUALLY WRITTEN I would support policy that recommends using
bz2 if upstream does.  I think people with huge packages will do the right
thing because it's the right thing in almost all cases.

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