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Bug#43787: consensus on debug (-g) policy

retitle 43787 [AMENDMENT 05/09/1999] Compiling with debugging symbols


        I would prefer this version (which is the one discussed, and
 which has a blurb for a specific package removed). Arguably, this is
 the version on which a consensus was achieved.

        Additionally, the paragraph removed had commentary on the
 current shortcomings of the specific package under consideration,
 which does not belong i technical policy either.

        If people think that a blurb for any specific helper package
 should be included in the technical policy (which I think is a bad
 idea), they can come up with an independent proposal to add such a


        We deprecate the old method, but let it be still legal.
          CC = gcc
-         CFLAGS = -O2 -g -Wall # sane warning options vary between programs
+         # sane warning options vary between programs
+         CFLAGS = -O2 -Wall
+         ifneq (,$(findstring $(DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS),DEBUG Debug debug))
+         CFLAGS += -g 
+         INSTALL_FLAGS= -s
+         endif
          LDFLAGS = # none
-         install -s # (or use strip on the files in debian/tmp)
+         install $(INSTALL_FLAGS) # 
          The `-g' flag is useful on compilation so that you have available a
          full set of debugging symbols in your built source tree, in case
          anyone should file a bug report involving (for example) a core dump.
+         It is acceptable, but deprecated, to always have -g in
+         ``CFLAGS'', and use ``install -s'' to install binaries or use
+         ``strip'' on the binaries in debian/tmp, but that make it
+         hard to create a debuggable debian package, and increase
+         build time for all builds, since debugging information is
+         created and then stripped away. The preferred method is to
+         use an environment variable DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS, which, if it 
+         contains `debug', would cause compilation to be done with -g. The
+         resulting binaries in your package will then contain the full
+         set of debugging symbols (remember not to call ``install -s''
+         or ``strip'' on the binaries afterwards).
+         The DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS var will also let us later add other options in
+         a fairly clean way.
+         Additionally, (and optionally) you may also provide a target
+         `build-debug' in debian/rules which has the same effect as
+         setting DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS to contain `debug'. This can be done 
+         quite simply, with the following lines:
+ build-debug: DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS+=debug
+ build-debug: build
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