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Bug#42554: A proposal for README.Debian

Package: debian-policy
Severity: wishlist
[Cc: me if you reply, I'm not on debian-policy.]

The current Policy manual says almost nothing about the README.Debian file. I 
suggest to add a section 6.8 (in the "Documentation" chapter) or something 
like that:

6.8 README.Debian

Your package may contain a /usr/share/doc/package/README.Debian file. It is 
mandatory to have one if you modified the source code of the upstream package.

This file should document:

- the changes you made for the Debian package. Remember that some upstream 
authors are very picky about such changes and that users have the right to be 
informed of the Debian peculiarities. Otherwise, they may fill in a bug report 
upstream for Debian changes, thus confusing the upstream maintainer. Yes, the 
'.diff' file exists but it's easier to read a three-lines summary than a diff 

- the rationale for choosing such or such options in the debian/rules when 
calling configure and/or make.

- the Debian packages you need to recompile this package. The Debian packaging 
system does not know about formal source dependencies. Therefore, if the 
source of a package does not compile, the user has to guess what you need. It 
is better to tell it explicitely.

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