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Bug#33076: Amendments stuck in discussion phase

On 16 Jul 1999, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

> Hi,
>         The following amendments seem to have stuck in the discussion
>  phase. I am sendint this message to all proposers and seconds, and
>  asking them to please either move this amendment to a [REJECT]
>  status, call for a vote, or, ask for a fresh discussion (for a week
>  may be?) and move it along to accepted after the week long period.
>         I think a weeks discussion is valid since the proposal has
>  beeen dead so long, and no attention has been paid to it. 
>                         Debian bug report logs - #33076
>            [AMENDMENT 1999/02/08] Clarification of "extra priority"

This issue was discussed at length in debian-devel. I made a proposal
in debian-policy and got two seconds and no objections. Why it has to be
discussed again?

Policy does not say who can and who can't retitle this into "accepted"
and for this reason I have not retitled it. May I retitle the bug myself
into [ACCEPTED]?


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