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Re: Bug#40706: usr/share/doc vs. /usr/doc

Ron wrote:
> What I had hoped I could do in this case would be simply to remount
> the /usr/doc partition as /usr/share/doc and then symlink /usr/doc
> to it..  however it was previously indicated that this might cause
> problems with dpkg..

The best thing to do is probably to make sure that /usr/doc/ and
/usr/share/doc end up on the same filesystem, but in separate

Making a symlink from /usr/doc to this filesystem should be no
problem.  Dpkg was designed to work well with that kind of symlinking
(which is why its behaviour is often counterintuitive to us

Symlinking /usr/doc directly to /usr/share/doc is likely to break
things, though, since dpkg will be moving files from one to the other
without realizing that they are the same directory.

Richard Braakman

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