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Re: menu, translate, i18n

On Jul 03, joost witteveen <joostje@cistron.nl> wrote:
 >When the translating of menus comes up, gnome/kde automatically also 
 >come up as they already have translations. So, why not use those?
 >Well, for the above mentioned reasons: "cross-package" communication
 >is pour to say the least in debian, and there is no way we are
 >going to support many languages if every change has to go through
Very, very bad. Most gnome/kde programs already have translations. Do
you plan to override them? Or do you plan to prune unneeded translations
from the menu package? And most package names don't have to be
translated, "The GIMP" is "The GIMP" in all languages.

 >the maintainers. And it's very tough on the translators, as they
 >have to communicate with many different maintainers.
This is false. Maintainers already have to communicate with translators
every new release to include updated message catalogs, while the titles,
if needed, are to be translated once.

 >So, I say that using the translation support from gnome/kde's menu
 >entry files is not the right way in Debian.
I don't agree. Most packages already come with a translated menu if
there is something needing translation.

 >If there is noone saying this is a realy bad approach, I'd like
This is a really bad approach.


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