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Re: new policy revision

>>"Joey" == Joey Hess <joey@kitenet.net> writes:

 Joey> I see the following items marked as accepted amendments in the
 Joey> policy weekly summary that arn't in the new revision:

        I essentially looked at the forwarded bugs titled [ACCEPTED ...]
 this time round. 

 Joey> Definition of extra priority (#33076)

        Still seems to be in discussion period (should be set to
 forwarded, and retitled as [ACCEPTED XX/XX/XX ]

 Joey> Policy still suggests /etc/rc.boot instead of /etc/rcS.d
 Joey> (#32448) 

 Joey> Have proposal-submitting guidelines in policy package

        I have done this, but have not closed the bug, since it was
 again, i did not notice it.

 Joey> I understand you didn't put the first in because of a
 Joey> procedural snafu, what about the other 2?

        I am under rather severe time pressure at the moment. I am
 afraid I do not have time to track the status of the proposals on
 policy -- I am depending on the principals to change the status of
 the reports as suggested in the guidelines. 

The stages in a proposals life

 a) Pre discussion period, an idea is
    floated, and kicked around and      wishlist bug, titled [PROPOSAL]
    polished for a bit. No preset
    time limit, but at some point, 
    if it is stalled, the bug should
    be closed.
 b) Formally seconded, and a time
    table set for discussion (normally  normal bug, titled [AMENDMENT yy/mm/dd]
    10 days to a month)
 c) End of discussion period.
   i) Consensus:                        forwarded, titled [ACCEPTED yy/mm/dd]
  ii) Stalled                           closed,    titled [REJECTED]
 d) edited into the policy doc          closed

 Hailing frequencies open, Captain.
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